The governing body at Westfield Primary works with the headteacher and the school staff to help fulfil the school’s aim for all children to secure high achievement and experience opportunities that enrich their lives.

The headteacher and the senior teachers are responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the school, while the governors operate at a strategic level and act as a ‘critical friend’. A critical friend offers support, constructive advice, and acts as a sounding board as well as providing challenge to the headteacher and school, asking questions and seeking information to arrive at the best solution.

Who are we?

The full governing body is drawn from the wider community that the school serves. The usual term of office is four years but many governors stand for re-election and serve more than one term of office. Our governing body is made up of 15 governors (which includes the headteacher), a clerk, and associate governors, as follows:

  • Two Parent Governors who are elected by parents/carers of registered pupils and were parents/carers at the time of their election. Parent governors do not have to leave if their child leaves during their term of office, but they can if they wish to. When a parent governor vacancy arises, nomination forms are circulated to all parents.
  • One Local Authority Governor who is nominated by the City of York Council. They usually live locally and are interested in the school and community, but our LA governors are not councillors and don’t represent any political party.
  • Two Staff Governors, one is the headteacher and the other is elected by the teaching and support staff employed to work at the school. If they leave the school, they cannot remain on the governing body.
  • Ten Co-Opted Governors who are appointed by the governing body. These are people who live and work locally and bring specific skills to the governor team.
  • We also have a clerk to the governing body and two associate governors who attend meetings and contribute to discussion, but do not have voting rights.

You can see the full list of governors and relevant information about them here: