If you are interested in your child/children joining Westfield Primary Community School, we would be more than happy to arrange a show around. Please ring the School Office on 01904 555295 to organise a convenient date and time.

We do not offer one set day but prefer to offer individual appointments enabling families to ask questions specific to their child and to see our school in action.

If you find that Westfield Primary Community School is suitable for your child/children you can make an application through City of York Website on the link below for more information


We have a 57 place Nursery with morning and afternoon sessions available and provide up to 30 hours of education for Nursery aged children.

Your child will be entitled to the Universal 15 hour funding the term after their 3rd birthday.

You may be entitled to 30 hours funding and can check to see if you meet the criteria by clicking https://www.gov.uk/browse/childcare-parenting/childcare

Application packs can be requested by contacting the school office.

Please note that catchment areas do not apply for Nursery admissions and that children are ranked in age order, oldest first, with some children, e.g. a child with a Special Educational Need, being given priority.

If you would like your child to join our Nursery, please fill in and return our Foundation Stage Admission form below and we will talk to you about starting dates.


Admissions to Reception are dealt with by City of York Council.

Applications can be made through the City of York Council website at: https://admissions.york.gov.uk/enrol/website. The deadline for applications is 15th January 2020.

Applicants will be advised of their allocated school from 'National Offer Day', which is Thursday 16 April 2020.

For further information on the Local Authority’s Admissions Policy, read the documents below or contact them directly using the details at the bottom of the page.


Years 1 to 6

For families moving into the area, or for children changing schools during the school year, in-year admissions to the school are dealt with by City of York Council at https://www.york.gov.uk/info/20171/school_admissions/185/in-year_applic… or you can telephone the In-Year admissions team on 01904 551554.