Welcome to Westfield Primary Community School.

We work as a Foundation Stage Unit. This means we have children aged from three to five years sharing our large indoor and outdoor spaces. The children play and learn together. They quickly become part of a caring community and help each other. This has a positive impact on transition as children begin their journey into school.

We believe that our school virtues are the building blocks on which happy and engaged children become well-intentioned citizens. Our aim is for the children to leave us being happyconfident and resilient.  We know that children learn through play, therefore we provide a safe and stimulating environment that respects each child’s wants, needs and interests. We promote honestykindness and teamwork ensuring children have fun and are suitably challenged.



We designed our curriculum to:

Inspire a love for our community through mutual respect, teamwork and the shared belief that anything is possible. 

Create a learning culture which recognises potential, celebrates achievement and respects individuality. 

Nurture strong relationships in a safe and secure environment, where opinions are valued and kindness is the core 

We want our children to leave the early Years Foundation Stage being confident communicators who share our love for learning. We have developed a curriculum which is aspirational for all children, providing every child with the opportunity to be curious about the world in which they live, confident in their own abilities, and knowledgeable about healthy bodies and practices. Our curriculum allows the children to become confident in their own abilities as they navigate through life in school, articulate the strengths they have and what they see in others, as well as developing their knowledge about the wider world in which they live.