At Westfield Primary Community School, we aim to provide a caring and nurturing environment where all pupils are valued equally and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. As an inclusive community, we are committed to developing inclusive cultures, policies and practices. We do this by taking into account pupils’ varied life experiences as well as offering a broad and balanced curriculum with high expectations for all pupils.

We are passionate about developing confidence, self-belief and a growth mind-set in all of our pupils. The achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our pupils matter and we actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils, or groups of pupils.  

At Westfield Primary Community School, we are committed to high achievement for all, supporting children and their families in making the best of the opportunities available to them. We celebrate diversity of experience, interest and achievement. We believe that all pupils need to experience praise, recognition and success, and pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) have equal entitlement to this.

Our Interim Special Educational Needs Coordinator is James Griffiths. 

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please email [email protected]