Speak out Stay safe is a safeguarding programme for children aged 5- to 11-years-old. It is available to all primary schools in the UK and Channel Islands. It helps children understand:

  • abuse in all its forms and how to recognise the signs of abuse
  • that abuse is never a child’s fault and they have the right to be safe
  • Where to get help and the sources of help available to children, including Childline service.

How Speak out Stay safe works

Speak out Stay safe is an effective way to support our school’s safeguarding duties. The programme content links directly to the curriculum and helps reinforce key messages about abuse and neglect. 

The Speak out Stay safe programme contained:

  • Virtual assemblies for children aged 5-7 and 7-11, available in English, Welsh and BSL
  • Follow on lesson plans with engaging activities and resources to help reinforce and embed key messages
  • Face-to-face workshops for children aged 6-7 and 9-11
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