Personal, Social and Emotional Development 


At Westfield Primary Community School we know the importance of Personal, Social and Emotional Development and our strong relationships with children and their families has always been celebrated. In the Early YearsFoundation Stage,  Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED) is crucial for children to lead healthy and happy lives, and is fundamental to their development. By forming strong, warm and supportive relationships with adults, children learn how to understand and regulate their own feelings as well as understanding that everyone has feelings and that’s okay.  

Autumn term in particular has a strong PSED focus. New class structures and friendships are made and we know that children need good role-models to help them develop the language to label their emotions and also understand the effects of these emotions on themselves and others. We support the children through circle times, stories, virtue assemblies and restorative conversations. All of our staff know the importance of naming and recognising emotions and emotion coaching has strengthened our understanding of the best way to support the different needs of the children.

Books that may help your child with recognising and naming emotions are: