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SATs Results

SATs Information

At the end of each stage teachers are required to undertake both formal and informal assessments of the progress made by pupils. The informal testing is known as teacher assessments, and is an important part of the process because it uses judgements made from on-going assessments, taken over the whole academic year. Teachers, in fact, make informal assessments every time they teach a class, and they will use these judgements to plan what the children need to learn next. The formal tests are known as Standard Assessment Tests, (SATs) which are produced nationally and are taken by all children in the country. Pupils are given a level of attainment in English, Maths and Science at the end of KS1 and KS2.

SATs Results

KS2 test are taken by all children in England at the same time and the same day. The KS2 test papers are marked externally, the results are returned to school in early July when we will report these back to parents. Please see the attachment below to view Westfield's previous SAT results.


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