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Westfield Primary Community School

Where children come first

Children's Champions


We are very lucky at Westfield to have such support for our pupils as well as class teachers and TA’s. All children have access to our Children’s Champions.

Children’s Champions work as part of the Inclusion Team, led by our Senco. They are our Pastoral Team dedicated to ensure the whole child’s well being in and out of school. The Childrens Champions help all the Teachers and TA’s in school supporting pupils to access their education, breaking down barriers to their learning and supporting the whole family.

We have Jane Benton and Maria Eland for KS2 Pupils and Samantha Hurrell for KS1 and Early Years.

Support that they offer includes :

  • ELSA groups (Emotional Literacy Support)
  • Working with the School Nurse and external agencies ensuring provisions for the family are supported by the school
  • Family Early Health work
  • Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Well-being activities/groups/assembles for pupils
  • Provision and support for behavioural needs in and out of school,
  • Support for bereavement
  • Supporting friendship issues
  • Supporting transitions from stages in their school life , ie nursery to reception, KS1 to KS2 and KS2 to secondary
  • Early intervention support work for families such as health, housing, and signposting to various agencies
  • Ensuring the safety of the children
  • Supporting pupil attendance and much much more!

Their door is always open!