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Westfield Primary Community School

Where children come first


Our school has strong links with our “global buddies” at Doha College in Qatar, which is in the Middle East.  The children in year 6 are pen pals and they exchange letters at the end of each term.  We also Skype our global buddies if we are doing some shared work, for example we skpyed them when both our schools celebrated the UNICEF world peace day.  We planned together allowing for the time difference, and then we skyped so that the children in each assembly hall could read each other their poems.  We all lit candles for peace in the world.

Doha College have said that they will host Westfield’s children for a visit to the World Cup in 2022, when our current year 4 children are year 11 at York High School.  We are only going to have to save for our flights, because our friends at Doha College have told us that we can stay in their houses.  Mrs Ralph and Mrs Hill have both been to Doha College, and they told us that the houses there have swimming pools of their own, so we will need to pack our swimsuits and sun hats.


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